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July 2011

July 27, 2011: Tingatinga Exhibition at Twycross Gallery
During the year Upper school classes have created their own artwork based on the unique painting style created by Edward Saidi Tingatinga, who was born in South Tanzania. Between 30th July and 29th August Twycross Gallery are hosting the successful Tingatinga exhibition. From the Twycross Zoo website; "Edward developed his personal style using both Swahili and Arabic traditions and illustrating colorful animals. Sadly Edward Saidi Tingatinga died when he was shot by police in a case of mistaken identity, but now his son Daudi and his team of over 20 artists continue his father's tradition and keep the Tingatinga artwork alive. The Tingatinga exhibition will open with a talk in our Windows of the Wild, with Tingatinga representative Rahima, African music and a Masai Warrior plus a film showcasing the group will also be running in the gallery to inform people about the group of artists and how the sales of art help the local community."

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July 25, 2011: Information for Year 6 leavers
Year Six leavers, please read this Important information about accessing the school website, learning spaces, PurpleMash and Google Docs. As your education comes to an end at Porchester, your access to the school website will be changing. From August this year you will find that you are no longer able to access many of the learning resources. This will be because your usernames will be removed from our list of users. Other resources you will still be able to access, but not edit or amend. Below is a list of the changes that you will notice; Learning Space: You will still be able to view your learning space, but the ability to post to it will no longer be possible. PurpleMash: You will still be able to use the "Free Range" activities, but access to the "Gourmet Mash" resources will no longer be possible. Google Docs: Your account will be removed. This means that your documents and emails will no longer be accessible. If you wish to transfer any work you have saved within your Google Docs area, or emails, please make sure it is completed as soon as possible.

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July 21, 2011: Being Abstract
Class 6 have been getting creative with 2Paint a Picture and produced some wonderful abstract creations; And more from George | James | William | Nathan | Joseph | Connie

Categories: Class 6 , Creativity , ICT & Computing

July 21, 2011: Farewell once again, Year 6
Download a High Resolution MP4 of this slideshow Download an ISO file (burn this file to a DVD to watch on a DVD player)

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July 21, 2011: End of year Poem
End of year is nearly here Now its time to say goodbye Dairy cream is what you need On the first day of school holidays Finding it hard to relax after doing loads of work You cant wait till its school again Eating and sleeping and waiting for school And thinking what work will be like Remembering that you had a great class team via www.porchester.notts.sch.uk A lovely poem about the end of the school year Zunaira. Well done.

Categories: English

July 20, 2011: Retirement Assembly
This afternoon all classes presented their own tribute to Mr. Harrison as he prepares to retire from teaching, after spending the last 22 years at Porchester.

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July 20, 2011: Shields of Success
We've been thinking about what we have achieved this year, and what we have become better at. The children created their own 'Shields of Success' to show what they were proud of... Everyone in class has been successful at many different things this year. Well done all of you for working so hard throughout the year and learning new skills. I'll be watching next year to see that you keep learning even more...

Categories: Class 6 , Creativity , P.S.H.E.

July 19, 2011: Virgin Vie Competition
The winner of the Virgin Vie Competition was number 13. The winner will be contacted by Virgin Vie. Thanks to all who took part.

Categories: P.T.A.

July 19, 2011: Facebook, eSafety, and being aware
We have been sent details from the County Council today about pupils in other schools who are using Facebook, and have been accepting a friendship request from a stranger who uses the name "Hi Heart". The advice from the school remains the same as ever; Children under the age of 13 should NOT be using Facebook, however we are aware that many do. If you / your child receives a request from "Hi Heart" to become their friend please do the following; BLOCK the user straightaway (do not just remove them) TELL a responsible adult (this could be a parent / family member / teacher) REPORT it using the CEOP button on the school website CEOP advise that this user is still active, and has been 'friending' students from other local schools. Remember your eSafety lessons in school, and be SMART whilst on the Internet.

Categories: Announcements , ICT & Computing

July 18, 2011: Class 6 memories of 2011
The pupils in class 6 have been looking back over this year and thinking about the work and events that they have enjoyed. We decided to take a walk down to the Mysterious Island, and record what we liked most about this year... The pupils also used PurpleMash to record three of their best memories - some children managed to think of six - and we've created an Animoto of their work...

Categories: Animoto Slideshows , Class 6 , P.S.H.E. , Video

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