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June 2011

June 30, 2011: Coming to a Silent Cinema near you soon...
Keep watching the website for some amazing lower school ICT work appearing over the next 2 weeks...

Categories: Class 1 , Class 6 , Class 7 , Creativity , Enrichment , ICT & Computing

June 30, 2011: Mr. Harrison's Retirement
Just a reminder that parents are invited into school from 3:15-4:00 on Thursday 7th July to celebrate Mr. Harrison's retirement and have a cup of tea and a chat!

Categories: Events

June 29, 2011: Holiday Pattern for 2012-13
The Local Authority have published the holiday pattern for 2012-13. It can be found here.

Categories: Announcements

June 29, 2011: 360 Degrees of the playground
Take a virtual tour of the school playground... (Not possible with iOS devices) Rotate left or right with your keyboard arrow keys. Zoom in and out of the image with the + / - buttons. Visit the School Panorama page to view a growing range of 360degree panoramas around school.

Categories: ICT & Computing , Photo Galleries

June 24, 2011: Adding a staff gallery
We've been asked the same question about our website time and time again; "Where are the staff photographs?" Good question! To be honest, we've never felt comfortable about individual photographs of staff being available, but after a lot of consideration we decided to call in a professional photography company (see them on the left) to create some special images to use on the website. So, without further delay, we present images of the staff at Porchester Junior School. You can view the staff gallery through the 'Visitors' tab at the top of every screen throughout the website.

Categories: Announcements , Photo Galleries

June 23, 2011: Postcards from an Alien
Some of the year 4's spent a little bit of this afternoon using the new postcard feature on PurpleMash to write a postcard from an Alien visiting Earth back home to it's family. This is what they created; Don't forget that you can create your own postcards in PurpleMash at home, just by signing in with your school PurpleMash username and password.

Categories: Class 1 , Class 6 , Class 7 , Creativity , English , ICT & Computing

June 23, 2011: Oh what a dilemma!
Class 6 have been learning to write stories with a dilemma in them. Listen to a few examples, or read their stories below; Download Mr Widdowson's dilemma by George Download Bethany's_dilemma | Download Cavan's_dilemma | Download Kshaf's_dilemma Harry"s Dilemma... (mp3) Zunaira"s Dilemma... (mp3) Nathan"s Dilemma (mp3)

Categories: Class 6 , English , P.S.H.E.

June 22, 2011: Class one's Celery experiment
Class one have been exploring the science topic plants. Today they investigated how plant roots suck up water and transport it to different parts of the plant. Have a look at their amazing work.

Categories: Class 1 , Photo Galleries , Science

June 22, 2011: Girl Power!
Our girls football team played in the cup semi-final yesterday against Arno Vale. For some of our girls they had never played in a team until this year. The girls played particularly well against an experienced girls team and it was 0-0 after full time. Unfortunately, in extra time, the ball broke free to their star player with just 30 seconds to go before a penalty shoot out. She scored a brilliant goal shooting low into the bottom corner. Congratulations must go to our girls though who played so well all season only letting that 1 goal in! They did Porchester proud with their skill and team spirit. Well done girls!

Categories: P.E.

June 21, 2011: Sports Day Images
Thank you to all parents, carers and friends who came to support and encourage the children during todays Sports Day. Here are some images of the events; We've also created this panoramic view of the day. Click on the image, then scroll left and right across the image.

Categories: P.E. , Photo Galleries

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