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May 2011

May 27, 2011: Isle of Tune
It's half term, and here's a lovely website to keep you entertained creatively on a rainy day. "Isle of Tune" lets you create music by driving a car around a street. Just design the road, add sounds (objects by the side of the road) and listen to your creations.

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May 27, 2011: Thank you!
A massive thank you to all the children who have made my birthday very special. I have loved all my presents, cards and even my very own 2diy game created in my honour, by Jordon F and Cade N! Download Miss b the princess Click here if you would like to play!

Categories: Class 3

May 27, 2011: Communicating through Signs
As part of our Positive People week, we have been asking how do you communicate if you cannot hear? A pupil in school has been demonstrating what she does to help those who cannot hear; Please remember, if you are commenting on this article do not use the pupils name, as your comment will not be published!

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May 27, 2011: Positive People Week
Throughout this week the children in school have had the opportunity to learn all about Helen Keller. What have they found out? Read the comments below to see...

Categories: Enrichment , P.S.H.E.

May 26, 2011: Being Sporty
Today as part of our Positive People week we are learning about how everyone can take part in sport. We have been into the hall and had a go at playing a sport called Boccia, as well as trying out blind bowling, and (until the rain started) blind football outside.

Categories: Enrichment , P.E. , P.S.H.E.

May 25, 2011: Science homework
Lower Schools science topic is Plants. We are beginning to look at the different varieties of plants that are around us. As part of this topic we have set some homework. Class 1 your homework is to name as many plants as you can that are in your garden, house or even in your fridge. The prize for the most plants listed is two hundred house points. Happy plant spotting, Mrs Ingle

Categories: Class 1 , Science

May 25, 2011: More abandoned pet work
As part of our work looking into persuasive adverts and posters, the children imagined what it would be like to be an abandoned cat. They have already recorded their thoughts in audioboo (view this post), and have now been using the 'Morfo' iPhone app to turn themselves into cats and say how they feel. All the above was created from a single photograph of each child within the app.

Categories: Class 6 , English , ICT & Computing , P.S.H.E. , Video

May 25, 2011: Yes, you can
This afternoon, as part of our Positive People week, we were visited by Alyn Haskey who took the assembly and explained to the children just what is achievable when you put your mind to it. A truly inspirational man. Alyn was born with Cerebral Palsy, but has achieved so much in his life, from representing his country in the Paralympics to obtaining four degrees and writing several books. His positive stories and view of life captivated the children.

Categories: Enrichment , P.S.H.E. , Trips & Visitors

May 25, 2011: A guide dog visit
Today at school the children have been learning about Guide Dogs for the Blind. We were really lucky to be visited by Clover - a trainee guide dog. "We learnt how long it normally takes to train a guide dog" - Billy "Some dogs can be born blind" - George "Labradors are really good at guiding blind people" - Lauren "Some blind people are allergic to the hair on labradors and have a labradoodle instead" - Ellie "In America they have used a pony to help a blind person" - Connie "Guide dogs are trained to sit on different surfaces" - Zunaira What else did you learn? What do you know about guide dogs? Leave a comment below...

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May 24, 2011: Abandoned thoughts
In our literacy lessons we have been looking at posters designed to persuade you to help support the RSPCA, through the use of emotional images and texts. We made a list of lots of emotional words to describe how it would feel being an abandoned pet... ...and then wrote a short description from the viewpoint of an abandoned pet. Some of the children also recorded their work using audioboo; Listen! Listen! And we even tried out a new idea using QR codes, Aurasma and another app on the iPhones. Scan the QR code below, install the Aurasma Augmented Reality app (iPhones, iPodTouches, and iPad2) then point the app at the cat image...

Categories: Audio , Class 6 , English , ICT & Computing , P.S.H.E.

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