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December 2010

December 23, 2010: Upper School Carol Concert
Here are the carols from the Upper School Carol Concert. However, due to a technical fault* we were unable to bring you the first three carols. Upper School1 Upper School2 Upper School3 Upper School4 Upper School5 Upper School6 Upper School7 Upper School8 Upper School9 Upper School10 * the internal battery in the video camera was flat and would not allow the camera to run until it was changed, and then reset all the settings turning off the ability to record. Whoops!

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December 21, 2010: The Nativity Comic
Nathan and Lauren have been telling the story of the Nativity as a comic using Comic Life. We've also included the 2-page stories from Zunaira and Bethany, Harry and Dylan, George and Cavan.

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December 16, 2010: The Nativity
Lower School were performing their video (oops, concert!!) to parents this afternoon. They really enjoyed it, and so did the parents! Watch the recording of The Nativity; (This recording was taken from the Thursday afternoon performance) We also have some images taken of the concert;

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December 15, 2010: The Snowman
This morning in our literacy lesson the children watched "The Snowman" and then used Purplemash to write about it. They are currently busy completing their work, and getting ready to put it into their learning spaces. Harry's work | Nathan's work | Joseph's work | Chanelle's work | Dylan's work | Kolby's work | Connie's work If you would like to watch 'The Snowman', it is available in three parts on YouTube; The Snowman (Part One) | The Snowman (Part Two) | The Snowman (Part Three) (The links above use 'Quietube' - and present YouTube videos without comments and suggestions)

Categories: Class 6 , English , ICT & Computing

December 14, 2010: Homework for Christmas
Over the Christmas holidays, can you plan your very own Fantasy Quest story? Think about your hero - what are they like? What challenge will they be set? By who? Will there be a hideous beast to kill? Will your main character receive any help on the quest? How will the problem be resolved?

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December 14, 2010: Six Sentence Stories
In literacy we attempted to write short stories - using just six sentences. Each sentence had to tell a specific part of the story (setting / character / journey / problem / solution and reward). Read some of our creations; Once they was a town called notirac. There was a five eyed man and he was enormous. The enormous went to climb a gigantic mountian. He climed falf way then a big monster jumpet out on him. The five eyed man threw a rock up in the air and it hit the monster on the head. The five eyed man went to the big town and got a medal. - Billy One day there was a strange land called troll town. The trolls were meen scary and fierce and they trumbled with there little legs wobbing frighting people off. All people in the troll land left ran to another land because the horrible monsters. The trolls wanted to get the people back to be there friends so they followed them and said can you be our friend and they sad yes and came back to troll land. And they partied all night. - Chanelle It 5 o clock in the haunted house. A strange man called Theo crept it into the long, long haunted rooms. The searched all over for the evil piano. The evil piano eats people. Theo chops him up into firewood. He has a party to Celebrate. - George There was once a tiny village underneath a massive mountain. In the village there lived a brave boy called Tom and he longed too climb the mountain. One day his parents were out of the village so he started to struggle up the mountain. Tom had got a quarter of the way up when a mountain goblin jumped out of a cave and advanced on him. Tom was forced to get out his pocket knife and killed the beast. He hurried back down and told his parents who celebrated with a feast and he never went up the mountain again. - Nathan It was a dark night in a strange land. A little girl who lived there needed to kill a dragon. She travelled through the sky on a unicorn. The drangon was going to destroy her land The unicorn stabbed the drangon by his harn. And celebrated with a party. - Connie

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December 13, 2010: Maths homework w.e. 17th Dec.
Here's your maths homework. Download 17th Dec

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December 12, 2010: The Magic of the Weathers
Class 6 have been busy writing their own myths using the E2BN Myths and Legends story creator. Here is Zunaira's tale; You can also read James' Tale, Harry's Tale, Chanelle's Tale, Kolby's Tale or Nathan's Tale At the moment, class 6 have been set up with usernames / passwords for the site. If other classes would like a username / password (as used for our other online services) please ask your teacher to speak to Mr. Widdowson.

Categories: Class 6 , History , ICT & Computing

December 10, 2010: Farewell, Citadel
It is time for our fourteen brave adventurers to leave the Citadel and return to Porchester. via www.porchester.notts.sch.uk

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December 10, 2010: Thank you
I would just like to say a big thank you to all staff, parents and pupils that have supported me over the last six weeks. Your support has been greatly appreciated. I am going to miss everyone so much, but I promise to stay in touch and will continue to visit the school occasionally. Thank you everyone

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