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September 05, 2008

Review on Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1

This review is on the First Book of The Spiderwick Chronicles. The characters are Jared Grace, Simon Grace, Mallory Grace and Thimbletack.

When the Grace family move to a house they inherited from their Great Uncle Arther, stange things begin to happen...

One day when his mother had gone out shopping, Jared Grace heared a strange tapping noise coming from inside the wall. He called for his sibblings, Mallory, his older sister, and Simon, his twin brother, to help him discover what this strange tapping could be. Mallory grabbed a broom, held the brush end and started to make a hole in the wall. Once it was big enough, the three of them pulled out the pieces of brick and plaster and discovered and dumbwaiter in the wall. Jared looked up the shaft and saw light above them. Jared climbed into the shaft, whilsts Mallory and Simon pulled the cord to take him up towards the light. When he got up, he discovered that the light was coming from a room - one of which used to belong to their uncle, the late Arther Spiderwick!He looked around and noticed that the walls were covered in book shelves. Then, he noticed a desk that had on top of it a book titled Arther Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantasticle World Around you. He picked up the book and began to read it. Inside, there was pictures and diagrams of wierd creatures like Brownies, Boggarts and Sprites! Suddenly, he heard a small voice that made him jump. He looked around and saw,  standing on a book shelf, a tiny little man. The creature introduced himself, Thimbletack, the House Brownie. As soon as Thimbletack spotted the book, his shirt suddenly began to rip, his head and body turned green and he became a Boggart, an angry version of a Brownie." No! Put down the book! Thimbletack must protect precious book!"

The rest of the story is to be uncovered in book 2 of the Spiderwick Chronicles, Lucinda's Secret...

I am enjoying reading these books and will be reviewin the rest of the series.

From Lizzie, Class 4, Year6


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i have read that book
very good lizze!!


its great

i love spiderwick chronicles william lent it me it was super duper

it's a great movie

i love this film. its soooo good.
(read it you will enjoy it!)

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